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Our team and our philosophy

The project was born in an apartment in Montreal, with chef Miguel (originally from Mont-St-Grégoire) and sommelier Roxane (passionate about cooking), a couple who met at Coureur des bois - Culinary Bistro .

In May 2017, a combination of circumstances: Nicole and Michel, Roxane's parents, fell in love with a century-old house for sale.

Familiar territory since the Bégin-Bournival-Boulianne family already lived in Sainte-Julienne.

It was therefore by purchasing the duplex that Miguel, Nicole (newly retired from her job as a nurse!), Roxane and Michel embarked on the adventure of L'imposteur Resto Traiteur, with a common goal:

Restore the reputation of vegetarian cuisine by offering you tasty and gourmet dishes.*
*For the skeptics, without realizing that you are not eating any meat, fish or animal derivatives. ;)

Several other objectives:

Respect for nature and environmental awareness, recovery (second life), educational and social implications, proximity of products, warm relationship with our customers and a lot of fun!

All opportunities are good:



Enjoy a specialty coffee (several milks available), a selection of teas, privately imported and organic wines...
(Free Wi-Fi Internet!)



Light/comforting dishes, pastries or on the go.
You can even get our takeaway meals which are on display or frozen.



Encourage, through us, our collaborators and local producers!

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