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Wine menu

Private, organic, Quebec imports

updated April 13, 2024

Menu carte des vins d'importations privées, vins biologiques, vins québécois, du restaurant et traiteur L'imposteur végétarien à Sainte-Julienne, dans Lanaudière
menu des cocktails maison du québec du restaurant et traiteur L'imposteur végétarien à Sainte-Julienne, dans Lanaudière

Cocktail menu

Made with homemade syrups, Quebec alcohols

several options are alcohol-free

“Gomic” coffee (coffee liqueur, amaretto, maple whiskey or “vegan crème brûlée”), 10.25

Green clover: Gin saga, orange liqueur, celery and pineapple juice, basil syrup, lemon, 6.25 / 10.75

Ruby elixir: fruity herbal tea Au coin du thé, rhubarb bitters, Amermelade, Rum, mint, chamomile syrup, cherry Marco, 6.25 / 10.75

Spritz from Quebec (Bittersweet, sparkling wine, sparkling water), 9.75

White Sangria (white wine, rum, vodka, amaretto, juice, lemon, homemade syrup, kombucha) 11.25 / Pitcher Sangria 30.00

Mimosa (sparkling, orange juice). 8.00

Bloody Ceasar Gin loop cucumber jalapeno, homemade vegan Worcestershire, 6.25/10.75

Mojito (Quebec rum, mint, lemon juice, chamomile syrup, soda), 6.25/10.75

Amaretto sour (Miele amaretto, cranberry juice, lemon, syrup, rhubarb bitters), 10.75

DéliGab (Gin Saga, blueberry, rosemary, cranberry juice, syrup, lemon), 6.25 / 10.75

François Martini (Récif Gin, Rouge Gorge apple vermouth, lemon), 11.25

Espresso Martini (coffee liqueur, vodka, espresso and simple syrup), 12.00

Microbrewery beers

Locals and surroundings

Beer on tap (choice of the moment)

Glass 7.00 / Pint 9.00


Redhead, Alchemist

Blonde / White

The classic blonde ale (Alchemist)
Belgian Blonde (Thousand Islands)
Farmer's Respite (English pale) (Macallen)
Orchard dew (plum-strawberry-cherry) (Macellen)
Sin of the priest (Macallen)
Belgian White (Thousand Islands)

(in 473ml cans - 9.00)


Cryo IPA (Maltco)
American IPA (Thousand Islands)
Double IPA (Thousand Islands)
Hopgrower (Macallen)


Sour with carrots (Côte à Beausoleil) *Lactose
San Juan de Gose Lime (Côte à Beausoleil)
Sour Haskap (Alchemist)


Sour Cornflower-Hibiscus (Thousand Islands)

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