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Some dishes to inspire you...

Beet Imposter Roast

spaghetti squash tartiflette.jpg

Spaghetti squash tartiflette

Homemade vegan creton

Sausage cheese curds

Melting rutabaga

Rutabaga fondant.jpg
vegetables and edamame hummus.jpg

Vegetables, edamame hummus

Crispy cannelloni.jpg

Crispy cannelloni

Grilled cheese from Quebec

Cauliflower and beet hummus

Cauliflower and beet hummus.jpg

Beet Imposter Roast

Dinner meal to share (summer)

Summer mixed meal dinner.jpg
Baby bell, chanterelles, smoked tofu.jpg

Baby bells, chanterelles, smoked tofu

Waffle sandwich.jpg
Pig tea towel.jpg

Waffle sandwich

“Pig tea towel”

Heart of Palm BBQ Tacos

Portuguese meatballs

Entrance of fiddleheads

Vegetables quiche

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